PU Result Published: BSc MLT

Result: BSc MLT

B. Sc. MLT_1st New 2020 Fall       B. Sc. MLT_1st old 2020 Fall

B. Sc. MLT_2nd New 2020 Fall     B. Sc. MLT_2nd old 2020 Fall

B. Sc. MLT_3rd new 2020 Fall      B. Sc. MLT_3rd old 2020 Fall

B. Sc. MLT_4th 2020 Fall             B. Sc. MLT_5th 2020 Fall

B. Sc. MLT_6th 2020 Fall


The application for re-totaling and re-checking of answer sheets must be received by the Office of  the Controller of Examinations, Lekhnath, Pokhara by 28 May 2021 (2078-02-14) at 5:00 PM.

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